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"Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."

1 TIMOTHY 4:12


David was aged around 17 when he slayed Goliath. Daniel was aged around 17 when he took a stand for God in Babylon. Both David and Daniel had one thing in common – they knew their God and acknowledged their dependency on Him. 

The voice of the Youth is globally becoming stronger and more influential. Youth are often trendsetters, as they come forth with innovative ideas and concepts. These voices and innovative minds need to be engaged, established, equipped and empowered in the Word of God and by the Spirit of God to be the world changers that they were called to be. The Youth Is not too young to be disciples that make disciples. 




Every Nation Ministries is a global family of local churches that “do together.” We form part of the Every Nation Southern Africa region. This means that all the Youth ministries of the various local churches of this region make up the Regional Youth Ministry. We are a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered and socially responsible Youth Ministry. 

Regionally, we are led by Raymond Hill and an EXCO team from various local churches. We are here to serve the Youth Pastors excellently so that they can effectively disciple the Youth of their cities. 

The Ministry School of Every Nation Southern Africa is the finishing school for those who are called to full-time vocational Youth Ministry. The Youth Track equips to expand local Youth Ministries and to pioneer new Youth Ministry areas. 



Youth Ministry is a priority for Every Nation. We are intentional in every way when it comes to effectively engaging the Youth, so that they can encounter God, recognise God, and respond to the voice and call of God. We, as Every Nation, have a very specific and clear strategy to effectively impact the Youth, so that they can be a voice of truth, be a voice of hope and set a Biblical culture in a society that distorts Biblical culture. We target the Youth from a place of victory, so that they can lead with faith in God and confidence in God within and beyond their place in society.


We, as Every Nation, respond to the great Commission of making disciples of all nations. This call includes to engage, establish, equip and empower the Youth so that they can effectively reach their fellow Youth students with the Gospel. 

94% of Christians make their decision to accept Jesus Christ as LORD under the age of 18. This is largely divided into the 5-13 year old, and then again 14-18 years old groupings. Reaching the Youth and discipling them plays a fundamental role in the future of Church. We are a disciple-making Youth Ministry. 



The mission field for Youth is big. This falls mostly within the public school setting and the various opportunities that this offers. The Youth need to be taught on Evangelism and Missions within their current context. They don’t have to wait until they get to campus to go on a Mission. Their mission field is ready every day when they arrive at their respective School campuses, sports fields and cultural activities. We are a Missional Youth Ministry.



After knowing God, knowing who He created you to be is the second biggest question everyone needs to answer. Youth Ministry has a strong and specific focus on Identity. We believe that God has called the Youth to know Him and to know themselves through Him. Heroes of the faith, like David and Daniel, knew their God and acknowledged their dependency on God from a very young age. We don’t merely focus on Identity due to the onslaught of the enemy. We focus on Identity because it is how God created us, and because He values order and His creation. In Jesus Christ, we are a secure Youth Ministry.




We, as Every Nation, live out our faith in Christ in such a way that the next generation wants to follow Jesus. The Youth form a crucial part of Church, and they need to observe and be part of healthy, flourishing Church life. It is through these authentic relationships that the Youth will want to be disciples of Jesus and make disciples of all nations. 



Leadership development of Youth is crucial. Youth need to understand certain leadership processes and responsibilities. The process of character development, and not just skill development, is intentionally taught to Youth. The Youth need to be identified as leaders, instructed in the Word, receive impartation from Senior Leaders and be given internship opportunities. They are the leaders of tomorrow. We are a Youth Ministry that raises Youth leaders.



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