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Leadership Growth Path


We value Godly character and Christlike influence and desire, through our Leadership Growth Path, to inspire, equip and release faithful disciples to lead with clarity and confidence that affects Kingdom expansion.

Assessment Centre

Every Nation Southern Africa’s Assessment Centre is open to all potential church-, congregation- or campus planters who plan to plant a church in the next one to three years. This assessment is designed to help potential church- congregation- or campus planters discern their calling as “lead pastors” of a church plant by affirming strengths and identifying weaknesses. It’s also the first step in our ABC3 program and the prerequisite to the Church-Planting BootCamp. For more info, contact

Ministry School

In Ephesians 4, God defines the purpose of the five-fold ministry in a short paragraph, to “equip the saints for the work of ministry”. The power of the church is hidden in this secret command, the equipping of people. The purpose of the School is to equip you well, so that you have clarity, confidence and the necessary tools, skills, knowledge and practical application to succeed in your call, honouring God. Our Ministry School Southern Africa has been positioned to serve you as a leader in the local church and part of a cluster in this regard, as a finishing off school for leaders who have been identified and raised locally. For more info, contact


Apostolic Passion

Apostolic Passion means that we are brought together, held together, willing to sacrifice together, so that we can go together. This deep-rooted conviction to sacrificially UNITE to do what God has brought us together for is both a calling and a passion. Passion means we have developed a united theology, philosophy and a core value system, which drive all our actions to fulfil our God-given mission. Nations and the lost are the fuel that motivates the church to serve more, give more and go more, because people are valuable to God and, therefore, also to us.

Ministry Internship

As any parent desires to see their children become all that God has called them to be, in the same way we, as leaders, desire to see people under our leadership also become all that God wants them to be. Our Ministry Internship programme has now been regionally united and defined so that we all can benefit and prioritise raising more leaders. Ministry Internship will primarily focus on those who feel a full-time ecclesiastical call of God on their lives, while secondarily serving those who are still uncertain about their calling, but who desire to find God’s will for their lives while serving. I am deeply convinced that this one to two year programme will echo into history one day as one of the key critical success factors of building God’s Kingdom.

Explore Internship

Explore Internship is a one-year, travel-based leadership development programme where people get sent all over the world to different Every Nation churches and campus ministries. There they will have the opportunity to serve the local community and share the Gospel with those in need.

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For any Leadership Growth Path queries, please contact: /+27 12 807 3000

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