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Thank you for partnering with us in the Great Commission.

To set up a pledge to {{name}} please complete the information in the form below and click save.

To partner with us as Every Nation, please complete the form below and click save. 

If you are wanting to partner with a specific missionary on MPD or one of our REACH church plants, please click the secure link that was provided to you. If none was provided please request this from the missionary or your church office

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PCI legislation requires that we do not store your credit card information. As soon as this pledge is activated, you will receive and email with a link where you will be able to securely provide your credit card information using Netcash's PCI compliant servers


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*1. You can choose to optionally increase the pledge annually by a percentage selected in the drop down provided.

*2. Branch Code must be 6 digits. You can prefill with Zeros if needed

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