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In the years between our World Conferences, Every Nation Southern Africa holds

a regional conference called BUILD.

This year's conference is for everyone, whether full-time and part-time Elders, Senior Pastors,

Campus Directors, staff members, any leaders involved in counselling/the pastoral from

each congregation or congregation members.

The aim is to develop leaders, provide mission clarity and create relational connections.

The space is invaluable for refreshing, exhortation, learning and fellowship.



The toolkit linked below contains:


  1.  A number of videos that were shown at, or taken at, BUILD 2024. These include:

    • Every Nation Seminary invites: the short version, and the longer video that explains Seminary in depth.

    • The REACH explanation video by Phillip Pretorius.

    • The Every Nation 30 Year Celebration video.

    • Recap videos of each day of BUILD, and a recap of the full conference.

    • Every Nation Southern Africa Worship's beautiful reading of Psalm 27 as a call to worship.

    • The evening plenary recordings by Gilian Davids, Bishop Brett Fuller, Carol Mkize and Roger Pearce.

  2. MP3 recordings of the evening sessions and the teaching and Q&A sessions from the Youth and Campus mixer by Bishop Brett Fuller.


Find the recordings of our evening sessions on:


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