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Ministry Partnership Training Dates

Refresher 3Hour Online Trainings​​
  • 6 September
Full 3Day Online Trainings
  • 10 - 12 October

More info at: support@ministrypartnership.com
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Focus Evening:
Culture of the Pursuit of the Holy Spirit & His Gifts

As a regional family, we have committed to dedicate ourselves to pursuing three cultures: a culture of honour, a culture of Biblical learning, and a culture of the pursuit of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Following Simon's talk on A Culture of Honour held in February, Gilian Davids is going to host a talk on A Culture of the Pursuit of the Holy Spirit and His Gifts.
22 September from 7-9pm on Zoom.
Meeting ID: 853 2474 3042
Password: 338487
Meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85324743042?pwd=clJsWDZkWXVJVUl3aTMxaCthVC9Ldz09

Toolkit to advertise in church: https://bit.ly/CultureEvening_HolySpirit
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