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"Thank you to everybody who participated in the Apostolic Passion Online! This was our fifth year of running Apostolic Passion in one form or another, and it has been incredible to see the response of people and what God is doing in people's lives. In the first Apostolic Passion, we focused on our Every Nation DNA and getting all our leaders on the same page. Every year since, we started to adapt our Apostolic Passion to meet the needs of our specific region, focusing on areas that we, as an Apostolic Leadership Team, felt we needed to address in order to support, encourage and equip you as leaders across our region so that you can be more successful in all you do. 

This year, we focused on leadership and raising leaders, which we feel is a theme to focus on throughout 2022. We had an incredible time on the 15th and 16th of March, starting out with Gilbert Foliente from the Philippines opening up the first session and really laying a foundation on how we grow our church through leadership. Simon Lerefolo spoke about the culture that we create and the environment where leadership can be raised. On the 16th, Jun Escosar really hit it out of the park, talking about the multiplication factor and the massive need for leadership. In the last session, I ended off with the importance of intentionally having a growth path for people's lives, and that the core of leadership is that we love God and love people, who are brothers and sisters in Christ and not objects to be used by us. 

The vital theme that came through in all four sessions over these two days was that we all see the need for leaders to be raised, but, without discipleship, there will always be a lack of leadership. In contrast, when we disciple people, we are raising leaders. The essence, therefore, of raising leaders is having a healthy discipleship culture that intentionally helps people grow and become who God has called them to be.

I hope that you will benefit from the recordings and the slides from these two evenings, and I pray that God will bless you as we raise many leaders in our region so that we can bless the world."

— Phillip Pretorius, Director of the Leadership Growth Path and member of the Apostolic Leadership Team of Every Nation Southern Africa.


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